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Extra Early Maturity - Primary End Use: Forage, Biogas and Grain

P7326 was commercialised for the first time in 2016 and immediately became the biggest selling Pioneer hybrid in the early maturity region of the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

PACTS results show P7326 is clearly an obvious choice for growers who are seeking a hybrid that will reach 30% dry matter quickly and produce good yields of high starch content silage. P7326 has shown a high degree of adaptation to cultivation on less favourable locations, where heat is often limiting, and on favourable locations where an early harvest is needed.

 Hybrid Characteristics
  • Fastest Pioneer hybrid to reach 30% dry matter
  • Tall hybrid for such an early maturity
  • Very good early vigour with a lodging resistance score of 8.2
  • High starch content silage with good whole plant digestibility
  • PACTS Eyespot resistance score of 6.5


 Grown In The Open 
  • On both favourable and less favourable sites
  • For production of dry grain or grain for crimping on all but marginal sites


 Grown Using The Samco System  
  • P7326 has given high comparative dry matter yields on the least favourable sites when sown under film e.g. sites in Northern Ireland and South West Scotland
  • P7326 can also be an appropriate selection for planting under film on more favourable locations when sowing is delayed


 Hybrid Specific Agronomic Advice
   Grown In The Open   Samco System 
 Early vigour  Very Good  Very Good
 Lodging Resistance*  8.2  8.2
 Eyespot Resistance Score*  6.5  6.5
 Stover Dry-Down Rate  Fast  Very Fast
 Forage Seeding Rate** (seeds/ha)  103 000 to 110 000  110 000
 Film Penetration Ability***  Not applicable   Good

*     Based on 1-9 scale where 9 = good and 1 = poor
**   Assumes plant establishment losses of less than 5% 
*** Film penetration varies with conditions and film type; use films approved by Samco or Maizetech


 Selected Multiple Year "Head To Head" Results
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